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Who can use this online chat?

This online chat is about giving you the freedom of speech but at the same time you should not forget the social limitations one should bind themselves in. Anyone who is willing to chat with someone completely new and those who wish to make new friends are welcome to join this chat.
You can start using without having to register your account directly. The chatting platform works on a unique concept that lets you use a guest account to start off your chat with complete strangers on the internet that are looking to chat with other strangers. Features: What makes us an important choice for you?

A lot of users and features

We have a community of thousands of users and they all love to chat. You are looking for people to chat and we have those people who are also looking to chat online. Our part of the job is to connect you to them and them to you, the chatting part is your kind of job ;) .

Share Images, Videos, Voice Messages and do Video and Voice calls with your friends.

Sometimes we need to speak the language of images and share memes with our friends. Images help keep our conversations lively and we help you share images with your friends. Voice messages can help you argue better in a group chat but lets not use it for arguing for the most of the part of your conversations.
Video call the new friends you make to give your hands a little rest, forgive your shyness a little and try voice calling with your friends whenever you have the chance.
Although features make conversations great we should never try to be mean with our fellow users. One good way to make new friends is to show them your best side all the time.